MiViM - Multipolar Infrared Vision

1. Infrared Vision

1.3. Applications

Infrared Vision is used extensively by the military for night vision, navigation, surveillance and targeting. For years, it developed slowly due to the high cost of the equipment and the low quality of available images. Since the development of the first commercial infrared cameras in the second half of 1960’s, however, the availability of new generations of infrared cameras coupled with growing computer power is providing exciting new civilian (and military) applications, to name only a few [ NDTNET]: Buildings and Infrastructure, Works of Art, Aerospace Components and Processes, Maintenance, Defect detection and characterization, Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Public Services, Medical and veterinary, etc. The electronic technique that uses Infrared Vision to “see” thermal energy, to monitor temperatures and thermal patterns is called Infrared Thermography and is described next.

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